John Wayne Decorates the Christmas Tree in Vintage Holiday Photo


As Thanksgiving leftovers disappear from the fridge, we can all turn our sights toward Christmas. We may be a few pounds heavier, but ’tis the season of joy, after all. And the official John Wayne Instagram account is getting the holiday spirit by sharing a gem of a Christmas photo featuring the Duke himself.

It must be that time of year again. Folks are putting elves on shelves. They’re measuring living room ceilings to make sure that monster of a Douglas fir fits snug in the corner. Kitchens will soon be coming alive with the smells of sugar cookies and apple cider. And boxes of ornaments are coming down from the attic.

With all of these traditions, we found ourselves wondering. How did a legendary figure like John Wayne celebrate Christmas? Unsurprisingly, the iconic American actor did it in one of the most traditional ways possible. Just take a look at Duke decorating his tree.

Giáng sinh vui vẻ, đó là John Wayne! Cuộc đua marathon 'Giáng sinh với Công  tước' trên mạng AMC

We know for a fact that John Wayne in this picture is countless dads across America in the coming weeks. Is there anything more glorious than a cozy snow day spent in a robe? Christmas movies are playing in the background, gifts slowly piling up under the tree, branches drooping from the weight of one too many ornaments.

We can picture it now, and we can definitely smell it. But how do you Outsiders like to get into the Christmas spirit?

John Wayne’s Lesser Known Christmas Movie is Closer to ‘Die Hard’ Than ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

Everybody relax. This isn’t the time for the Die Hard Christmas movie debate (it is definitely a Christmas movie, by the way). This is a time for taking a look at one of John Wayne’s lesser-known titles, 3 Godfathers.

In typical Duke fashion, the John Ford film is a Western through and through. But the entire story is told through the lens of three bank robbers, who loosely parallel the three wise men. In fact, the whole thing is a metaphor for the biblical story.

John Wayne plays Robert Marmaduke Sangster, a fugitive on the run alongside Pedro (Pedro Armendáriz) and William (Harey Carey Jr.). With Christmas around the corner, the three men rob a bank, taking refuge from the law in the desert. There, they cross paths with a dying woman who bestows her newborn child upon the criminals. Unwilling to go back on their promise to the dying mother, Robert, William, and Pedro risk their freedom to bring the baby to New Jerusalem.

Okay, so it’s not exactly Die Hard. But the Western setting and a story revolving around cops and robbers are definitely untraditional when it comes to Christmas. They have that in common, at least. If you’re looking to scratch your John Wayne itch this holiday season, we highly recommend 3 Godfathers.

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