John Wayne’s Son Ethan Says He Created the ‘Archetypical American Character’


Ethan Wayne, the son of acting icon John Wayne, recently discussed how his late father created the “archetypical American character.”

During a recent interview with Texas Monthly, the son of John Wayne stated the actor represented what the original American actor was. “When you watch a John Wayne film, when it’s over you feel good. He built this really archetypical American character and just took him across different storylines.”

Ethan also stated that while going through a storage unit filled with his father’s memorabilia, he decided to share the late actor’s “untold” stories with the world. This is why he helped create the John Wayne: An American Experience at the Fort Worth Stockyard. Speaking about the exhibit, the actor’s son said, “It will just give you a rounder picture of who the man really was. And reinforce what a special guy he was.”

According to its website, the John Wayne: An American Experience gives visitors an “intimate” tour of the actor’s life. Each room notably highlights an aspect of “The Duke’s” legacy. This includes film aficionados, an extensive galley, iconic film props, and even costumes.

John Wayne’s Son on Growing Up With the Western Film Icon

While speaking to Fox News in 2018, Ethan Wayne discussed what it was like growing up as John Wayne’s son. “I can remember going to a friend’s house and his mom said, ‘Hey Brian, go get the mail.’ I went out and there were three envelopes. I remember going, ‘That’s all the mail you got? That’s weird.’”

Wayne further revealed that the U.S. postal service would actually drag canvas bags that were full of mail into his house. Despite his stardom, Ethan said John Wayne didn’t approach his life with privilege from his career. “I can’t pick up a broom to this day without thinking about coming out and saying, ‘That’s not how you sweep, this is how you sweep!”

Ethan also noted that his father wasn’t very mechanical. Even though he was great with a guy and horseback riding. “But if a car got a flat tire, he’d just leave it. And I was very mechanical as a young boy for some reason. He didn’t really get it. He didn’t like motorcycles, and I did.”

Meanwhile, Ethan reflected on the age difference between he and his father. The younger Wayne was born when his father was in his 50’s. “I was 10 when he was 66 years old. He’s on a horse, he’s running at full speed across open country, with a herd of horses running with him. He was a bold, outgoing individual who was full of life, constantly moving forward.”

Ethan Wayne went on to add that no one sits on a horse like his father did.

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