Dressing Up as John Wayne for Halloween? You Could Get Some Love from His Estate


If you decide to dress up like John Wayne for Halloween, there’s a chance you can get featured on the Instagram page for his estate.

The great John Wayne made appearances in many Western films during his time on top of Hollywood. As a matter of fact, Wayne is widely considered to be one of the most popular actors of all time. Often referred to as one of his many nicknames like “The Duke,” Wayne has played a role in more than 80 movies. However, is his best known for all of his Western and war movies.

It makes sense that people want to dress up like him for Halloween, right? It’s safe to say that hundreds of people every year get dressed up has The Duke before heading out for their Halloween festivities. That could be in the form of a kid trick-or-treating, or an adult at a Halloween party. But Wayne has fans both young and old, from every generation.

If there was ever a year to dress up like John Wayne it would be 2021. Not only can you enjoy the evening as a cowboy, but the experience could be all the more special if you get featured on the John Wayne Official Instagram page. Take a look at the post down below for instructions.

“If you’re dressing up as John Wayne this weekend, make sure to tag @johnwayneofficial and we’ll share your costume on our Stories!”

Some fans of John Wayne will no doubt dress up like him and send photos to the Instagram page. But not everyone will partake out of respect.

“I am not worthy. Nor are any others,” one fan said.

“I have too much respect,” another person commented.

It’s Easy to Put Together a John Wayne Halloween Costume

That’s right, folks — it’s probably easier than you may think to put together a rock-solid John Wayne costume for the holiday.

But what makes it able to be so easily put together? One of those reasons is the fact that he has played so many different characters throughout his illustrious career. That means that you probably even have some items available to use in your home right now.

You can come up with your own cowboy character with some of your very own clothes and props. Some of those may include things like chaps, hats, vests, cowboy boots, a duster, and a sheriff’s badge. And don’t forget to add a pair of spurs and a bandana to complete the look.

Step two? Swagger and drawl. You won’t be completely finished once you have the basics of your costume complete. After that is done, the way you make it come alive is with some of that trademark John Wayne swagger and drawl.

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