David recently admitted he feared he was “too old” to reprise his role as Granville


BBC’s Still Open All Hours stars the beloved Sir David Jason as Granville, and, like its original 1970s series, the sequel has been popular with fans.

However, after six successful series, the show has been cancelled by BBC bosses. Starring Only Fools and Horses legend David Jason, the move may surprise fans because the show has recorded healthy ratings. Still Open All Hours was launched in 2013 as a sequel to the original, Open All Hours, which enjoyed a loyal audience from 1976 to 1985.

The final series of the sequel aired back in 2019, but David, 83, was hoping for further instalments.

Unfortunately for the actor, the broadcaster bosses have decided not to bring the comedy back.

A BBC executive stated: “We’d like to thank the cast and crew for six wonderful series, which are all available to view on BBC iPlayer.

“There are currently no plans for new episodes of Still Open All Hours.”

The revival saw 41 episodes, revisiting the lives of the classic characters from the original show.

It received successful ratings, with an average of 6.6 million tuning in per episode.

David recently admitted he feared he was “too old” to reprise his role as Granville.

During a Channel 5 special celebrating the show, David expressed his initial concerns about the revival.

“I wasn’t quite as young as I once used to be, let’s put it that way,” he remarked.

“I thought I was too old to play it, meaning, if Granville was delivering groceries at that age, would he be not as bright maybe?

“That was the thing that held me back and I explained this to the director and to Ronnie and they both understood.

“[They] said it will work, it will be alright and those fears were to rest and I just, well we just all loved it.”

He also opened up about what he wanted to bring to the character and admitted he didn’t want him to be a “cut out”.

“That wishful thing of Granville dreaming and going off on a little mental journey, that was something that I tried to hang on to with the character,” he recalled.

“To give him three dimensions really to make sure he wasn’t a cardboard cut out. He had handed down not only his coat but his whole persona to Granville.

“It was seen to be so right and it was a lovely thing to say a lovely day, switch the lights out and go to bed and tomorrow is another day.”

The new series attracted fans old and new, with many original viewers delighting in the nostalgic feel of the show.

The original focused on a corner shop owned by Albert Arkwright (played by Ronnie Barker).

David featured as his lovable nephew and stepped back into the role after a decades-long hiatus.

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