Redford on the famous actress: I wore two pairs of underpants to fend off her in 18+ scenes


ROBERT REDFORD stated that Barbra Streisand “was infatuated with him” and that he wore two pairs of underwear “to protect himself from her” during the filming of a sex scene in The Way We Were. The details are laid out by Robert Hofler in his new book The Way They Were.

The book reveals details from the pre-production, shooting and post-production of the romantic film from 1973, which earned Streisand an Oscar nomination in the category of best actress. Redford, who is 86 years old today, was reportedly bothered that “she likes to control things,” reports the Daily Mail.

The Hollywood actor admitted that he hesitated about working with his colleague because, according to the author of the book, he “didn’t consider her a serious actress” and “wanted to protect himself”, given that he is married and has four children. Streisand was reportedly “mesmerized” by Redford’s beauty.

She appeared in a bikini, and he wore two pairs of underpants
The film was shot in the period between August and November 1972, when he was 36 and the actress was 30 years old. When they were supposed to shoot a sex scene, she reportedly appeared in a bikini, but Redford “answered” her by wearing two pairs of panties.

The author of the book added that during the filming of the second sex scene, the actor refused to say the line: “This time we will be even better” because he allegedly thought that because of that line, viewers “could conclude that he is bad in bed.”

Redford’s reluctance to work with Streisand was a major obstacle during negotiations for the role, and the actor also told director Sydney Pollack that his character Hubbell was like a “Ken doll”. Allegedly, Pollack had to persuade him to accept the role for eight months.

Received double the fee of Streisand
Redford eventually agreed to star in the film, and was offered $1.2 million for it, which is double the fee Streisand received. When they met, Streisand reportedly “instantly fell in love” with her colleague.

Streisand was reportedly looking forward to the first love scene and, according to a cast member quoted in the book, had “affairs with many of the main actors she starred with.” Although it was a simple scene, it was repeated so many times that after a while Redford lost his patience.

Redford refused to make a sequel
After the film became a hit, there was talk of a sequel, but Redford drew the line there. He insisted that he never showed any interest in filming the second part, and on one occasion even stated, “I didn’t, but Barbra did.”

The plot of the film revolves around Katie Morosky and Hubbell Gardiner, two students who meet in the 1930s and fall in love despite their different characters, backgrounds and worldviews. In the end, they get married, but when the persecution of the leftist begins in the 1950s, they separate.

The film was a hit at the time and won two Oscars, including one for Best Original Score performed by Streisand herself (The Way We Were). That song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100.


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