Paul Newman…His food brand began to earn millions of dollars in profits, and it all started with a joke


Paul Newman was a prolific actor. Outside of starring in Hollywood films, he managed the Newman’s Own Foundation. The nonprofit donates millions to charities globally every year, even after his death. Most of the money comes from sales of Newman’s Own products, including salad dressings, pizzas, and even dog food. But the iconic face on the packaging began with a joke among friends until Martha Stewart got involved.

The Hollywood star’s legacy began in the 1950s. After a few years of acting, Newman gained recognition for his role in Somebody Up There Likes Me. He continued to land jobs in successful projects and work with well-known stars.

Newman even worked on a production that had Alfred Hitchcock at the helm. While portraying Professor Michael Armstrong in Torn Curtain, the star reportedly clashed with Hitchcock. The film became a classic even if Newman didn’t get an Academy Award for it.

Nevertheless, he earned multiple honors for his other roles. He received at least seven Oscar nominations between 1958 and 1982. And he continued to rack up accolades and acting credits until he died in 2008.

Even after his passing, the star’s legacy endures. While films immortalized him, his philanthropy continues with the Newman’s Own Foundation. The organization donates profits from the Newman’s Own brand.

Newman established Newman’s Own in the 1980s to sell salad dressing. Eventually, his business grew to include lemonade, popcorn, pasta sauce, and other products. His food brand began to earn millions of dollars in profits, and it all started with a joke.

According to Mashed, Newman was hanging out with a friend in a barn. The two were stirring salad dressing and bottling it to give as Christmas gifts. They distributed the bottles to neighbors before Newman suggested they sell the extras to grocery stores.

The idea led to an actual business endeavor. Newman couldn’t rely on his celebrity status alone, so he sought help from famed entrepreneur and TV personality Martha Stewart. Eventually, the brand became successful and produced various products.

When the company expanded, Newman decided to give all proceeds to charity. The product labels even proudly boast “100% Profits to Charity.” However, the actor didn’t want to advertise his humanitarian efforts too much.

Paul Newman died on Sept. 26, 2008, due to complications from lung cancer. He was 83. During his long life, the star enjoyed a successful acting career and pursued other endeavors. He also amassed a multimillion-dollar fortune.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paul Newman was worth $80 million at the time of his death. The amount came from his earnings in acting and business ventures. However, his estate ended up with an even higher value.

Newman’s estate had an estimated worth of over $600 million when the actor died. The money and belongings went to multiple people. For instance, his widow, actor Joanne Woodward, received some property and personal items.

Additionally, the late actor’s will had specified that the Newman’s Own Foundation would inherit something. The organization received the actor’s awards, including Golden Globes and an Oscar for Best Actor. It also got the rights to the Newman’s Own brand.


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