Aissa Wayne :My Father Halloween wasn’t the only time of year that he enjoyed sweet foods, in fact, he would enjoy eating everything he wanted until it came time to prepare for a movie role


Actor John Wayne spent his Halloween holidays enjoying his favorite candies. Similar to many other folks around the world during the holiday, he always indulged his sweet tooth over the course of October. However, Wayne indeed purchased a lot more of his favorite Halloween candies than the average person would. His daughter, Aissa, specified that he would buy enough for three Halloweens.

According to Aissa’s John Wayne: My Father, Halloween wasn’t the only time of year that he enjoyed sweet foods. In fact, he would enjoy eating everything he wanted until it came time to prepare for a movie role. Especially in his older age, he always wanted to appear healthy, so that no one would think that he was getting too unfit to continue pushing his career forward. Wayne always put a lot of emphasis on continuing to work, even through sickness.

She recalled catching him eating from the fridge in the middle of the night, which she initially saw as endearing. However, it would later prove to be “heart-breaking” to her, as she discovered how those foods contributed to his degradation of health.

Aissa recalled when Wayne “shed weight,” he was always incredibly proud of himself. “Well, this morning, I’m 236!,” she recalled him announcing to the family. The actor stood 6’4″ tall and weighed 260 pounds at the most, but his daughter explained that this typically happened during the holidays between Halloween and Christmas.

Wayne always went to Smart N’ Final to stock up on Halloween candy for the season. However, he would always target his personal favorites. These included “black and red licorice, Tootsie Rolls, and especially Abba-Zabas, an orgy of toffee and peanut butter.” Further, he would buy enough for three Halloweens.

This stash would last him up to Christmas when he would sneak the sweets out of his trophy room cabinet

Wayne loved Halloween and all of the candies that come with the season. However, he was also known to enjoy drinking alcohol. Wayne enjoyed whiskey, but his absolute favorite drink was tequila on ice, but “always Commemorativo.” So much so, that he would bring his own bottle to bars and tip the bartender to exclusively serve him that alcohol for the rest of the night.

The Hollywood movie star would go out with close entertainment industry friends to drink, but only some could keep up with him. According to Aissa, Wayne went bar-hopping with Henry Fonda and filmmaker John Ford. “John Wayne can outdrink any man,” Fonda recalled.

He was known to indulge heavily in his favorite drinks and food, but after he had enough, he wouldn’t touch it for quite some time. In the case of Halloween candies, Wayne primarily enjoyed them during the holiday season. When it came to liquor, he would drink it until he didn’t have anyone left to enjoy it with.


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