Harrison Ford admitted to telling legendary director Steven Spielberg to change a fight scene in Indiana Jones as he felt it was taking away from the story


HARRISON FORD admitted to telling legendary director Steven Spielberg to change a fight scene in Indiana Jones as he felt it was taking away from the story.

During the latest episode of BBC’s Talking Pictures, viewers were given an insight into the most successful family favourite films over the years. The iconic director Steven Spielberg had multiple films featured in the show, particularly Indiana Jones, which saw Harrison Ford reveal a secret in an old interview.

The first run of Star Wars films was taking place, and Steven Spielberg saw the talent which Harrison Ford had.

His role in Star Wars was the role that helped turn him into Hollywood’s most successful star of all time.

In an old interview with Terry Wogan, during his show Wogan in Hollywood, talk turned to an iconic fight scene in the film.

Terry expressed: “That was the funniest bit in the whole movie, whose idea was that?”

Harrison laughed and revealed: “Well, we had been rehearsing a fight scene the night before that was meant to take three days to film.

“The poor stunt man had been working for months and months to perfect all of the little gags that we were going to do in this big fight.

“But I was afraid, looking at the story as a whole, was that we were going to lose sight of our objective, which was to find Marian, find the girl.

“We had done a fight scene the day before where I fought off five or six guys and then ran after Marian, that was being dragged on.

So I thought it was wrong to shoot another big fight scene that I thought we would lose sight of, the audience would lose focus on Marian and keeping the story moving forward.

“So I suggested to Steven that we just shoot him, and he said, ‘I was just thinking that’.”

Over the years, Spielberg has become one of the biggest directors of all time and produced some of the most high-ranking films.

From Poltergeist, E.T The Extra-Terrestrial, The Goonies, Jurassic Park, The BFG, Ready Player One and the remake of West Side Story.

Harrison Ford has also starred in some iconic films in his time but is mainly known for his roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars as Han Solo.

Harrison was recruited by George Lucas for the part of Han Solo back in the 1970s before anyone knew anything about the series.

However, the star soon became sick of the character and began to ask George Lucas to kill him off and out of the franchise for good.

In a recent interview with chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, Harrison admitted: “I did think the character itself was relatively thin.

“I would have liked to see some complication for the character. So I was happy to come back and play Han Solo, again and again – but that was enough.”

He explained that he felt that Han had “reached his potential” and expressed: “I thought it would serve the story by dying.

Han Solo was killed off in the 2017 movie The Force Awakens by his son, Kylo Ren, otherwise known as Ben Solo.

Speaking about the death, he said: “I argued for 30 years for this to happen, and finally, I wore ’em down!”


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