John Wayne could appreciate a good cocktail they would sometimes get him into trouble, but drinking became a regular hobby while playing card games along with his closest friends


Actor John Wayne could appreciate a good cocktail. They would sometimes get him into trouble, but drinking became a regular hobby while playing card games along with his closest friends. Duke Spirits shared some Wayne-inspired cocktail recipes that any legal-drinking age adult looking for a worthwhile drink should take a peek at.

Wayne’s son, Ethan, once recalled his father’s dream to create his own liquor brand. However, it wouldn’t just be any other alcohol line, but it would be properly aged and authentically crafted to enjoy in a nice restaurant or after a long day of work. Ethan decided to help make that dream a reality, contributing to the birth of Duke Spirits.

Duke Spirits has an array of liquors, including bourbon, whiskey, and tequila. However, they don’t leave Wayne fans without an array of cocktail recipes for those wondering what to make with their liquor line. The Duke Spirits website gives a bit of a flavor for a wide variety of different palettes.

Roughneck Colada
The Wayne cocktail recipe is called the Roughneck Colada, providing ingredients and directions for both an individual cocktail and a pitcher. It estimates that it will take five minutes to make the drink.

The ingredients include Duke Bourbon, Atlantico Reserva, fresh lime juice, and coconut cream. Additionally, they add orange juice and pineapple juice to add a bit of sweetness and tanginess to the beverage. Finally, throw in some fresh mint leaves and a float of Fernet Branca for good measure.

The Roughneck Colada directions require a shaker, a Collins glass, and a strainer to bring this drink to perfection.

John Wayne Old Fashioned
The second Wayne cocktail recipe is the John Wayne Old Fashioned. Any mixology enthusiast will know the classic drink, but Duke Spirits presents a bit of a twist on it with their own flair.

You can use any Duke Spirit of your choice for this one, giving a great deal of flexibility. You’ll want to add sugar cubes, orange bitters, and some club soda to give a bit of freshness. They also recommend an orange twist to really make this Old Fashioned complete.

The John Wayne Old Fashioned will require the mixologist to muddle the sugar cube along with the club soda and bitters. However, from there, it’s all a matter of stirring and straining along with a large ice cube.

This one keeps it simple with only three ingredients, although they are a bit more specific. You’ll want to use the Duke Bourbon, Carpano Antica, and Campania.

Additionally, it’s also one of the simpler drinks to make yourself. It only requires a mixing glass, stirring, and pouring. An orange peel as a garnish will top this drink off to perfection.

Duke Mule
For another Wayne cocktail recipe that takes a book from a classic, make a Duke Mule.

It contains all of the typical ingredients for a typical Mule, but of course, it uses Duke Bourbon. If you’re a fan of the standard Mule, this is a great way to combine your love for Wayne and the cocktail into something truly refreshing and delicious.

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade
For Wayne fans looking for something a bit more refreshing, look no further than the Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade. It’s absolutely perfect for a hot day.

This recipe also calls for Duke Bourbon along with some typical ingredients that any at-home bar should have, such as lemon juice and simple syrup. However, it also includes a blackberry purée to give the drink that berry pop.

The Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade will require a shaker, and they recommend serving in a mason jar to truly enjoy this favorite.

by Jeff Nelson


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