Following Wayne’s diagnosis at 57-years-old, he recommended Kirk Douglas play his role, but director Henry Hathaway was insistent that Duke should do the part


JOHN WAYNE lived out his tough big-screen persona in real life, according to his The Sons of Katie Elder co-star Dean Martin. Duke continued doing his own stunts right after having a cancerous lung removed, which included almost catching pneumonia after being dragged through a river multiple times. The star even had to rely on an oxygen mask on set, which he was photographed using, making the Hollywood legend scream in fury.

In September 1964, John Wayne was set to re-team with Rio Bravo director Howard Hawks and co-star Dean Martin in The Sons of Katie Elder. The Western saw four brothers, with Duke playing the eldest, return home to their mother’s funeral before avenging their father’s murder and winning back the family ranch. However, the shoot was delayed until January 1965 so that the Hollywood cowboy star could have a cancerous lung and two ribs removed.

Following Wayne’s diagnosis at 57-years-old, he recommended Kirk Douglas play his role, but director Henry Hathaway was insistent that Duke should do the part.

Despite a successful operation, the Hollywood legend would suffer with ill health for the rest of his life.

The star had to rely on an oxygen tank on set, which was particularly needed since their filming location of Durango, Mexico was 6000 ft above sea level.

At one point he “exploded in rage” after a photograph of him using it was taken by Gene Sysco from The Globe.

According to Randy Roberts’ John Wayne: American, the star threw a can at the photographer and screamed: “You goddamned son of a b****! Give me that f***ing film!”

Sysco handed it over to Duke on the now deathly silent set, which made him realise how much he’d overreacted.

A few hours later in the motel dining room, Wayne walked over to the photographer’s table and said publicly: “I’m a grown man. I ought to be able to control myself better than I did today. I’m sorry.”

However, the film remained with him, fearful that his public image would be tainted by seeing his face in an oxygen mask. After all, he felt it was crucial to reestablish his tough persona after such major surgery.

Even though he was reliant on the oxygen tank, actor George Kennedy recalled that although Wayne had stopped smoking cigarettes, he continued to puff away on cigars despite now only having one lung.

The ever tenacious star also insisted on doing some of his own stunts in The Sons of Katie Elder, just four months after his operation, to show the public that he wasn’t slowing down.

This included being dragged into a river and almost catching pneumonia, but narrowly getting away with a serious cold. In fact, if you watch that scene you can hear a child crying out “Come on Dad!”

This was Wayne’s three-year-old son Ethan who was watching off-camera and knew his father wasn’t in the best of shape.




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