According to Mental Floss, Montgomery was actually pregnant during the first season of Bewitched, and fans had no idea


It’s hard to believe that the beloved family show, Bewitched, first premiered all the way back in 1964. The years have passed by quickly, and fans are still intrigued by Samantha, Tabitha, and the rest of the characters as we watch the blond-haired mother and wife simply twitch her nose to make magical things happen.

The tv show was a staple of its time, as we watched Darrin, a serious, hardworking executive, discover that his new wife had had quite an interesting secret: She was actually a powerful witch who lived an extraordinary life.

Each new episode brought about silly plot lines, and although Samantha and Darrin often disagreed about how she used the powers that she possessed. Things always managed to work themselves out in the end, leaving fans excited for what was to come on the next episode.

Like with most shows, there were things going on behind the scenes that viewers were surprised to learn about years later. Let’s talk about Bewitched, and how the star, Elizabeth Montgomery, was hiding a big secret in season 1.

‘Bewitched’ features a witch with powers

In Bewitched, Samantha married Darrin, who is a mortal, and her mother, Endora, is not exactly happy about it. Although Samantha says that she will try to refrain from using her magical powers, she ends up twitching her nose in every episode, and we sometimes see her daughter, Tabitha, do the same.

According to Neatorama, Samantha was trying her best to blend in with everyone else, keeping her supernatural powers under wraps, but silly situations, as well as Sam’s off the wall family members, often prevented her from using her powers as necessary. There were many times when Samantha almost outed herself as a witch, but somehow, she and Darrin managed to always come up with hilarious explanations for her bizarre behavior, saying that it was a “demonstration” of one of Darrin’s advertising campaigns.

Elizabeth Montgomery plays Samantha

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Not everyone gets to play the part of a friendly witch, but that is exactly what actress Elizabeth Montgomery did. For her entire career and up until her death in 1995, Montgomery was instantly recognized as Samantha Stephens, a character that stayed in people’s hearts for years.

The actress made her first television appearance in 1951, but according to Biography, her big break didn’t come until 14 years later when she was cast in Bewitched. Her character, Samantha, always had good intentions, and storylines and plot twists often revolved around the antics of her family members, which proved to be stressful for Darrin.

During the show’s run, Montgomery was nominated for several Emmy Awards for herMontgomery was the type of person, both on and off-screen, who seemed to be everyone’s best friend, and fans might think that they always knew everything that was going on even when the cameras weren’t rolling. However, it turns out that the actress was hiding a huge secret, and many people were shocked to find out.

So, what was it? According to Mental Floss, Montgomery was actually pregnant during the first season of Bewitched, and fans had no idea.

How did she hide it? With loose, flowing clothes that didn’t reveal her growing belly, as a way of keeping the pregnancy a secret. It wouldn’t be this way in the future, though. Montgomery’s other two pregnancies were written into the show, allowing viewers to enjoy seeing Samantha and Darrin expand their family. What a spellbinding secret!

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