Yellowstone season five is in the making for The Paramount Network and fans are already excited following the explosive season four finale


YELLOWSTONE season 5 is in the making and fans are keen to find out whether Jamie Dutton’s actions will ever be revealed. Will Beth Dutton tell Rip Wheeler about her brother’s harrowing past?

Yellowstone season five is in the making for The Paramount Network and fans are already excited following the explosive season four finale. Powerhouse Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly) is still out for revenge and she will not stop until she is satisfied everyone has paid for their sins. Some fans believe she will open up to her husband Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) about her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley).

Will Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton tell Rip Wheeler about Jamie?

Yellowstone season four’s finale included plenty of twists, from an epic wedding to some fan-favourites leaving.

The cast opened up about the final episode and what it means for their characters’ futures.

Actress Reilly explained in an Instagram video for Paramount how Beth is still out for blood.

She said: “Beth has decided she cannot rest until she gets justice.

“She wants blood, it’s really kind of intense.”

The star went on to say how Beth knows that her actions may ruin her life, but she must carry them out in order to mend herself.

She added: “It’s almost like she now needs to go and deliver all of that vengeance and all of that anger she feels.

“And it’s back to Jamie, as if she didn’t have enough anyway. She knows that her life is going to be changed after what she does to him.”

Fans have since taken to Reddit to discuss what they would like to see happen in upcoming episodes.

Affectionate-alps-86 said: “I’d really like to see Beth play her card to tell Rip about the abortion and sterilization and have him walk away from her for lying and not trusting him.

“She made her choice to lie just like Jamie made his choice. Both were wrong and as she said, based on fear.”

Eternal-Testament added: “If Rip eventually finds out I think we will actually react rationally to it and not hold it against Jamie which will throw Beth and get her angrier.”

There are a number of ways the discussion about Jamie’s harrowing actions could play out.

The reason why Beth hates Jamie so much is that he betrayed her when she was at her most vulnerable.

She fell pregnant very young and confided in Jamie about getting an abortion.

However, the clinic told Jamie her sister would need to be sterilized, which would mean she could never give birth again.

Jamie agreed to the procedure behind Beth’s back, which is something she has never forgiven him for.

If Beth tells Rip what happened, he could feel hurt that his wife did not trust him enough to tell him.

Feeling as though he has been kept in the dark, this could impact their marriage.

Alternatively, Rip could feel torn or stuck in the middle as he does not want to stir up any more trouble.

He may leave Beth to make up her own mind about what happens to her brother, but Beth may fight for Rip’s support.

If her husband refuses to give it to her, it may send Beth down an even darker path.


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