Something uniquely American that fit Wayne and Mitchum perfectly…



n their many movie roles and in real life, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum typified the best of the American spirit, representing proudly the ideals and values we hold dear. They were honorable, direct, caring, and larger than life.

In movies, they were the gunfighters who stood up for the mistreated and the iron-willed lawmen with the unflinching gaze. Off-screen, they were tough men who loved their families, America, and freedom. If you were a fan of theirs, you know that they were the kind of Hollywood icons that only come around once in a lifetime.

Though they had many unforgettable screen roles in their career, many of us remember them best for their Westerns and war movies. There was something about the legendary days of the Old West, something uniquely American that fit Wayne and Mitchum perfectly. In dozens of films, they starred in roles as cavalrymen, lawmen, cowboys or ranchers. Audiences flocked to the theater to see them in such memorable western classics as The Searchers, El Dorado, 5 Card Stud, Rio Bravo, Red River, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, and The Wonderful Country.


Today, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum remain among the most popular actors in Hollywood history. Even now, years after their deaths, their names continue to rank among the most popular movie stars. Thanks to cable, satellite TV, and internet streaming, their classic movies are still seen every day by fans around the world, and their legendary lives live on for their legions of fans.

Now, America Remembers, with authorization from John Wayne Enterprises, LLC and Mitchum Enterprises, LLC, proudly announces the John Wayne & Robert Mitchum Tribute Rifle, a handsomely decorated firearm issued in remembrance and tribute to two legendary Western film stars.

To honor two of America’s favorite Western movie stars, we selected the classic Winchester Model 92 lever-action rifle in caliber .45 LC. Every Tribute is a museum-quality masterpiece produced with the utmost attention to detail. The Tribute’s stocks are handsomely polished walnut. The Tribute’s receiver features handsome artwork honoring John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. Craftsmen commissioned specifically for this project by America Remembers decorate each working rifle in sparkling 24-karat gold and nickel.

The right side of the receiver features portraits of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum with an Old West firearm in their hands. Both sides of the receiver feature a banner that reads “John Wayne – Robert Mitchum Tribute.” The portraits on both sides are surrounded by elegant scrollwork that was a hallmark of the finest presentation firearms.

The handsomely blued, 20” barrel is complemented by a hand-polished and gold decorated hammer, trigger, and barrel bands. In addition, the walnut stocks are handsomely polished and feature an elegant high gloss finish.

The left side of the receiver features two images of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. To the left, Wayne and Mitchum sit atop their horses as they look across the plains for any sign of danger. To the right, classic portraits of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum are featured.

A Western Classic
A legend in its own time, the Winchester Model 92 is an American icon. There isn’t a gun collector or fan of American history that isn’t familiar with the legendary Winchester, often called “the rifle that won the West.” In Hollywood, Winchester rifles were favorites for many of our cowboy heroes.


For this special Tribute, we have included a large loop lever like the lever John Wayne used in the 1939 Western classic Stagecoach. The large loop is a favorite among collectors and firearms enthusiasts, and we are certain collectors will appreciate the opportunity to obtain a tribute with this ever-popular large loop.


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