While speaking about her father’s love for children, Gigi said, “My dad never met a child he could resist…


Gigi Garner is an American star kid who is the daughter of legendary actor, James Garner. She alongside her sister are the only two kids of the late actor. He shares the two of them with his wife, Lois Clarke.

Ever since the passing of her father, Gigi has inherited her father’s ambition. Although she isn’t an actor, she is still involved in showbiz through her work behind the scene. She also worked for her father’s production house and is continuing his legacy.

Gigi was born Greta S Garner on January 4th, 1958, in Los Angeles, California to James Garner and Loise Clarke Garner. Her father passed away at the age of 86 due to natural causes.

Gigi’s paternal grandparents, Weldon Bumgarner and Mildred Scott were German-Americans. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has American nationality.

Gigi spent the major portion of her childhood in the posh suburb of Los Angeles. She certainly lived a lavish life and considering her dad was making big bucks at the time when she was born, we don’t find it surprising.

She has one adopted Sibling
Apart from Gigi, James and Lois is also a parent of one another child named Kimberly Garner. Gigi’s mother Lois, before marrying her father, had already become a mother from her previous relationship.

Upon marrying Lois, James adopted Lois’s daughter and they became a family of four. In an interview with Closer Weekly, Gigi told that her father found happiness in his family. He was incredibly close with his daughters and loved to death.

While speaking about her father’s love for children, Gigi said, “My dad never met a child he could resist… My friends adored him, too, and not because he was some big Hollywood star, but because I had the most fun dad. If I wanted to jump off the balcony into the pool, he would do it first just to make sure it was safe.”

Her parents were married for over five decades
James Garner and Loise Clarke exchanged vows on August 17th, 1956. In the beginning, they met at a mutual friend’s poolside barbecue. However, love blossomed between them only after they met for the second time at the rally for the 1956 Democratic presidential nomination of Adlai Stevenson

The lovebirds’ relationship was tested when they separated in the 1970s. Back then James had mentioned that it was his busy schedule that led to the destruction of his marital life. Fortunately enough, the pair got back after an 18-month separation.

Details on her education and college
She graduated from Westlake School for Girls (now Harvard-Westlake). After finishing up high school, she decided to study film and enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Southern California Film School.
As part of her study at the USC, she also went on to study German films, The Third Reich for one semester in Wiesbaden and Munich, Germany. In addition, she also had a stint at Creative Artist’s Agency. Gigi graduated from college in 1981.

Gigi Garner’s Career: She started out as an actress
Start em young they say and very well said indeed. Gigi was only an infant when she made her big debut in the entertainment world from the TV program, This Is Your Life: James Garner.

Several years after her big debut, she played the role of a singer in the 1982 series, Musikladen. In the early 1980s, she was a charted recording artist in Europe. During that time, she also worked as the hostess for a show on Thames Television. In addition to that, Gigi also featured in several projects around the US, the UK, and Germany.

She also tried her hands in several other jobs
Well, it might come as a surprise for many of you that Gigi is a licensed private investigator based in Tennessee. Moreover, she also worked as a print model, a commercial spokesperson, wrote three ‘number one’ songs, and authored two famous books, ‘The Cop Cookbook,’ and ‘Girl Talk.’

Apart from all that, she was once involved in designing handcrafted jewelry for major TV shows and celebs.


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