Their romance went to great heights! In “Lucy and Clint Walker”


Clint Walker (Frank Winslow) is probably best remembered as the title character in “Cheyenne” (1955-62), TV’s first hour-long western.

In real life, he had a twin sister named Lucille. Walker previously appeared as Frank Winslow in “Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty” (S4;E9). He died just 9 days before his 90th birthday in 2018.

Frank says he was born in Iowa and from a family of five sisters. As a kid, he got second prize in a spelling bee winning a pair of roller skates. He didn’t want the first prize, a red sled. He hates the color red because the teacher circled his bad grades in red ink.

Sid Gould (Sid, Off Screen Voice) made more than 45 appearances on “The Lucy Show,” all as background characters. He also did 40 episodes of “Here’s Lucy.” Gould (born Sydney Greenfader) was Lucille Ball’s cousin by marriage to Gary Morton.

Gould appeared as Sam, another one of Frank’s construction workers, in “Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty” (S4;E9).

Bennett Green (Bank Employee at the Picnic, uncredited) was Desi Arnaz’s stand-in during “I Love Lucy.” He does frequent background work on “The Lucy Show.”

Bennett and a female partner are disqualified from the balloon race as the picnic scene opens.

Monty O’Grady (Bank Employee at the Picnic, uncredited) was first seen with Lucille Ball in The Long, Long Trailer (1953) and played a passenger on the S.S. Constitution in “Second Honeymoon” (ILL S5;E14). He was a traveler at the airport when “The Ricardos Go to Japan” (1959). He made a dozen appearances on the series and a half dozen more on “Here’s Lucy.”

Shirley Anthony (Bank Employee at the Picnic, uncredited) made a couple of appearances on “The Lucy Show” and was spotted more than a dozen times on “Here’s Lucy.” From 1994 to 1999 she played Sally on “The Rockford Files” TV movies.

Kathryn Janssen (Bank Employee at the Picnic, uncredited) began doing background work in 1966. This is her first of at least 4 “Lucy Show” appearances. She went on to be spotted in three episodes of “Here’s Lucy”.

Lightning (Frank’s Basset Hound) who seems to have a propensity to fall asleep, much like his master did in “Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty” (S4;E9).

[From the seams on the fabric, the back of the directors chair Lightning sits on has been turned back-to-front, probably to hide the imprinted name of its on-set owner – Lucille Ball? Clint Walker?]

Other uncredited male and female background performers play the Bank Employees at the Annual Picnic.

It was aired for the first time on March 7, 1966. That night, Lucy and Clint competed with powerhouse actors Charles Bronson on “The Legend of Jesse James” (ABC) and Jack Nicholson on “Dr. Kildare” (NBC).

The working title of this episode was “Lucy and the Sweater.” The script was revised on January 29, 1966.

For winning the balloon race, Lucy and Frank win a Lawrence Welk album complete with bubble pipe. Lawrence Welk was a hugely popular bandleader who would appear as himself on a 1970 episode of “Here’s Lucy.” Welk called his orchestra and singers ‘The Champagne Music Makers’ so a soap bubble machine was often used to imitate the bubbles from a glass of Champagne.

“Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty” (S4;E9). Their romance went to great heights! In “Lucy and Clint Walker,” however, there is no mention of this “sleeping beauty’s” violent reactions to being suddenly awoken! In this follow-up, it is his canine companion Lightning who is the real sleeping beauty! Lightning is nowhere to be found in the previous outing.


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