Sophia Loren quelled rumors that Grant had actually proposed to her on set


Sophia Lorenrose to prominence in the 1950s. When she secured work with Paramount, she crossed paths with Cary Grant. With two stunning powerhouses together, people suspected an affair. Sophia Loren filled in the gaps in this relationship.

She also admitted a major lifelong regret of hers stemming from her marriage. The past can’t change, but while in her golden years, Loren certainly has had a monumental life that transcends borders.

The two formally met and worked together while on set forThe Pride and the Passion. And, according to an interview with the Radio Times, cited by Dusty Old Thing, they did indeed engage in an affair. They maintained a relationship, which Grant took so seriously, he recruited Loren for his big movies.

However, this affair drew to a close. Loren became involved with Italian producerCarlo Ponti, who actually suggested her name change fromSofia Lazzaroto Sophia Loren. They met at a beauty contest, which Loren claimed victory over. Ponti also sported multiple decades of age over Loren.

In both romantic cases of Grant and Ponti, they’d been married when Loren met them. Loren quelled rumors that Grant had actually proposed to her on set, but she doesn’t regret this move never happening. She does, though, regret not wearing a white dress to her wedding with Ponti.


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