After his death, she put a white rose on his chest


Having been successful in the cult movies “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost”, Patrick Swayze was loved by a whole world – but life did not go as far as he wanted.

In January 2008, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and on September 14, 2009, his body was no longer cured. 10 years after the death of the star – the documentary “I Patrick Swayze” is released on SVT. There, the people closest to him tell stories from unknown events to the end.

Patrick Swayze spent most of her life living with love and wife Lisa Niemi, 63. In the documentary, she tells of one of her husband’s biggest ailments.

– We both loved children and both thought we had children. I had a miscarriage. Who knew that miscarriages are as emotionally painful as they are? she says and goes silent

She continues:

The lifelong love of the star also tells of Patrick Swayze’s last time and the darkness he had in him.

– He was out there and he was bubbly and funny, but when he was alone, he crashed.

Patrick Swayze was also aware of this darkness.

– I have demons running around inside me. I’ve done everything I can to get rid of them, and one day I’ll be happy and those short breaths will disappear, but I do not know if they’ll ever do that, he says in an interview shown in the documentary.

His brother, Don Swayze, talks about how he read about bipolar disorder and how he and Patrick Swayze felt that they were both in agreement.

– I’ve given up luck, but I’m happy, continues Swayze in the interview.

And then came the cancer, the brother tells how he was in the kitchen, and the doctor called and told him that he had spread himself – into the liver and into the lungs.

– He tensed his jaw, left the room and returned after 30 seconds. Although he had cancer that nobody would recover from, I told him it was okay. Why not now?

From his near and dear Patrick Swayze was encouraged to take it easy and go somewhere where he could feel good. Instead, the star spent his last time in Chicago with something he really loved – the work. The last thing he recorded is the series “The Beast”.

Don Swayze explains how Patrick explained his decision.

– I do not know how to die. I will live until I die, brother.

Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze have achieved success in Dirty Dancing.

atrick Swayze thought he was healed to the end

– He was a miracle man, explains Don Swayze.

But three months after that statement, it becomes painfully clear that not even he was immortal.

– When I saw him three months later and he had lost over 10 pounds, it was obvious that the miracle started to fall. He collapsed in my arms. He was my big brother, “says Don Swayze.

As it neared the end of the star, Lisa Niemi tells her how they decided to give everything and try everything – to do better – but it never happened and he had to go home instead. Then Patrick Swayze felt so bad that the security guard feared he would never go home.

– But I knew he would, says the woman with tears in her eyes.

Then fell asleep Patrick Swayze.

– I knew that when he left his body, he clearly used it. It was useless to him, says Lisa Niemi.

After his death, she put a white rose on his chest. She hung an amulet that Patrick Swayze loved over his bed.

– He always played heroes in his films. The cap, the sword and the horse, but it turned out that he was really a hero. He was an amazing man, he was the best of himself I’ve seen, the woman says and tears flowed from her eyes.

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