Clint Eastwood He described her as the “first ‘real’ movie star”


Amazingly, O’Hara never won an Oscar throughout her career. The movie industry finally put that right by selecting her for the prestigious award in recognition of her colossal contribution to film.

The Dublin born star sat in a wheelchair as she read out her acceptance speech, which included tributes to the men that set her on her way to stardom, as well as a personal thank you to her life-long friend John Wayne.

O’Hara and Wayne starred in five films together, most notably the 1952 classic The Quiet Man. The film is still hugely popular today, and is considered to be one of the greatest romantic movies of all time.

O’Hara was introduced by two more Hollywood stars, Clint Eastwood and Liam Neeson. Both paid tribute to her as an actress and a person before welcoming her on to the stage.

Eastwood recalled the first time he met O’Hara, when he was a young actor struggling to make a name for himself. He described her as the “first ‘real’ movie star” he ever met and the “ultimate Irish lass”.

Tak3n star Neeson also thought back to the first time he saw O’Hara, when he was a young boy in Ireland.

He went on to thank her for giving him inspiration as a youngster in Ballymena, that he too could one day go on to become a star of the silver screen.

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