One of the most fascinating facts of the film Casablanca is that Humphrey B. used very special shoe lifts that made him look taller


tall is Humphrey Bogart? There are many legends regarding the height of this great performer, the greatest male actor of the first hundred years of American cinema.

For his character in the film Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart received an Academy Awards nomination for Best Actor. He was 1.71 m tall, something that he had to deal with during the making of the movie Casablanca, since Ingrid Bergman was taller than him (1.78 m), and his co-star, Paul Henreid, who played Laszlo, was 1.93 m. Humphrey Bogart won the Oscar for best actor for his role in the Queen of Africa.
has taken part, in one way or another, in many films shot all over the world because with shoes you can be 7 cm taller without anyone else knowing your secret. Elevator shoes from are able to increase men’s height and this resource has been widely used by the great Hollywood actors.

One of the most fascinating facts of the film Casablanca is that Humphrey Bogart used very special shoe lifts that made him look taller. Specifically, he added external platforms to the sole to gain a few inches in front of the cameras so he could have the same height with Ingrid Bergman, since the actress was taller than him. Those were the days when male characters used to be taller than their partners.
With these wedge shoes, “Bogie” not only gained 7 centimeters in height, but also reached a height of 1.90 m, which allowed to capture images where Bogart was taller than Bergman and could look at the actress from above. The effect that is well seen in the final sequence when Ilsa Lund and Rick Blaine kiss at the airport. One of the most legendary kiss in film history.

The truth is that with shoes from, he would have looked more elegant and smarter, due to the Italian shoe design.

Bogart liked the feeling of being taller and later, during the filming of “We’re not angels”, he again used elevator shoes with more than 10 centimeters increase. In this way, he managed to be the same height as the leading character, Peter Ustinov, who was over five feet tall. is happy to share these little but memorable things with you. Could you imagine how shoes to increase your height from would have looked like on Humphrey Bogart?


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