My favorite ex-husband Ted Turner, he always said, if you wait too long it grows over


Tiffany Haddish asked her, “I need to know because you look so good, are you still having sex? Are you having, like, crazy sex?”

Fonda laughed and replied, “No, no, zero.”

“I don’t have time. I’m old and I’ve had so much of it,” she continued. “I don’t need it right now because I’m too busy!”

The Book Club actress also revealed a comment made by one of her ex-husbands in regards to her sex life.

“My favorite ex-husband Ted Turner, he always said, if you wait too long it grows over,” Fonda said, causing Haddish, 40, to laugh. “I think he’s right.”

She added, “I couldn’t have sex again even if I wanted to.”

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In September, Fonda spoke to The New York Times about her time spent with several stars including Marlon Brando and Marvin Gaye.

When asked about her experience with Brando, whom she starred alongside in the 1966 drama The Chase, Fonda admitted he was “disappointing.”

The star acknowledged the Oscar winner was a “great actor,” however.

Fonda also shed light on who she most regrets not sleeping with during her early years in the industry.

“Your greatest regret is that you never had sex with Che Guevara,” Times reporter Maureen Dowd asked Fonda to confirm, which the actress quickly shut down.

“No, I don’t think about him,” Fonda explained. “Who I do think about, and what is a great regret is Marvin Gaye.”

“He wanted to and I didn’t,” she admitted. “I was married to Tom [Hayden]. I was meeting a lot of performers to try to do concerts for Tom and the woman who was helping me do that introduced me to Marvin Gaye.”

Fonda wed Hayden in 1973 and they were married for 17 years before getting divorced in 1990. The two have a 47-year-old son, Troy Garity.

Fonda married Roger Vadim in 1965 and the two had one daughter, Vanessa Vadim, before divorcing in 1973. She married Turner in 1991 and the two divorced in 2001.


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