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Grable was set on the road to stardom by her mother, who enrolled her from an early age in dance and music classes and in 1929 moved with her to Hollywood. Only 13 years old, Grable lied about her age and landed chorus girl parts in several Hollywood musicals. She sang and danced in films throughout the 1930s (sometimes using the name Frances Dean) but did not make much of an impression until 1939, when she was a hit on Broadway in Cole Porter’s musical Du Barry Was a Lady. She was then called back to Hollywood by Twentieth Century Fox, and in 1940 she had her first blockbuster success with Down Argentine Way. That film was followed by such hits as Moon over Miami (1941), Sweet Rosie O’Grady (1943), Pin Up Girl (1944), and The Dolly Sisters (1946)—the success of which helped pull Fox out of debt.

The splashy Technicolor musicals in which Grable starred were immensely popular and provided audiences with escapist entertainment during World War II. The famous pinup photo of the leggy, blonde, bathing-suit-clad Grable, back to the camera, glancing over one shoulder, did not contradict her persona as the girl next door and became an icon of the era. Indeed, American servicemen voted Grable their favourite pinup, and her image could be seen adorning the sides of bomber planes.

Grable ranked among the top 10 box office stars for 10 consecutive years (1942–51); she held the number one spot in 1943 and was the highest-ranked woman in 7 other years. At the height of her fame, her famous legs were insured for one million dollars, and she became not only the highest-paid star in Hollywood but the highest-paid woman in the United States. In the mid-1950s, however, Grable’s movie career declined in tandem with the decrease in the popularity of the conventional, backstage musicals she specialized in. She then headlined shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, sometimes appearing with bandleader Harry James, to whom she was married from 1943 to 1965. (Her first husband, from 1937 to 1940, was actor Jackie Coogan.) She also starred in the road companies of hit stage shows and was one of the most popular repacement stars of the long-running Broadway musical Hello Dolly!

Betty Grable, byname of Ruth Elizabeth Grable, (born December 18, 1916, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.—died July 2, 1973, Santa Monica, Calif.


10.Down Argentine Way

Betty Grable, Don Ameche

Released: 1940

Directed by: Irving Cummings

Down Argentine Way is a 1940 Technicolor musical film made by Twentieth Century Fox. It made a star of Betty Grable in her first leading role for the studio, and introduced American

9.Moon Over Miami

Betty Grable, Don Ameche

Released: 1941

Directed by: Walter Lang

Moon Over Miami is a 1941 Technicolor musical film directed by Walter Lang, with Betty Grable and Don Ameche in leading roles and co-starring Robert Cummings, Carole Landis, Jack Haley

8.Mother Wore Tights

Betty Grable, Anne Baxter

Released: 1947

Directed by: Walter Lang

Mother Wore Tights is a 1947 Technicolor musical film starring Betty Grable and Dan Dailey as married vaudeville performers, directed by Walter Lang. This was Grable and Dailey’s first film

7.Coney Island

Betty Grable, Cesar Romero

Released: 1943

Directed by: Walter Lang

Coney Island is a 1943 American Technicolor musical film released by Twentieth Century Fox and starring Betty Grable in one of her biggest hits. A “gay nineties” musical it also featured

6.The Farmer Takes a Wife

Julie Newmar, Betty Grable

Released: 1953

Directed by: Victor Fleming, Henry Levin

The Farmer Takes a Wife is a 1953 romantic musical comedy film directed by Henry Levin.

5.Song of the Islands

Betty Grable, Victor Mature

Released: 1942

Directed by: Walter Lang

Song of the Islands is a 1951 musical comedy film directed by Walter Lang.

4.I Wake Up Screaming

Betty Grable, Carole Landis

Released: 1941

Directed by: H. Bruce Humberstone

I Wake Up Screaming is a 1941 film noir. It is based on the novel of the same name by Steve Fisher, who co-wrote the screenplay with Dwight Taylor. The film stars Betty Grable, Victor

3.When My Baby Smiles at Me

Betty Grable, Dan Dailey

Released: 1948

Directed by: Walter Lang

When My Baby Smiles at Me is a musical film released by 20th Century Fox, directed by Walter Lang and starring Betty Grable and Dan Dailey. This is the third film based on the popula

2.Tin Pan Alley

Betty Grable, Alice Faye

Released: 1940

Directed by: Walter Lang

Tin Pan Alley is a 1940 musical film starring Alice Faye and Betty Grable as vaudeville singers/sisters and John Payne and Jack Oakie as songwriters in the years before World War I.

1.Diamond Horseshoe

Betty Grable, Dick Haymes

Released: 1945

Directed by: George Seaton

Diamond Horseshoe is a 1945 Technicolor musical film starring Betty Grable, directed…
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