His films helped to inspire generations of actors


John Wayne Day is was a celebration of the one and only Duke. He passed away in 1979. However, he is still an American icon. His films helped to inspire generations of actors. At the same time, his work in the industry has entertained countless people throughout the years. He appeals to many generations. On top of all that, he was a well-spoken and open American patriot. Duke showed us just how far you can get in life if you stick to your guns, keep a positive outlook, and never give up.

So, it’s easy to see why we still celebrate his legacy. So, on his birthday, May 26, people celebrated John Wayne in all his gritty cowboy glory. This year’s celebration took place at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Few places would be more fitting for such a shindig.

The whole event took place in the shadow of the John Wayne: An American Experience museum. In true wild west fashion, the festivities kicked off at high noon. Attendees could take part in western-themed games, listen to live music or watch a western gunfight. If they had the kiddos along, Duke’s granddaughter Anita Swift was there for a children’s book reading, according to the Cowboy Channel.

If you think John Wayne Day sounds like a great time, you’re absolutely right. The Duke’s official Instagram account posted about the event yesterday afternoon. They wanted everyone to know that it was a huge success.

If you missed out on the John Wayne Day festivities, have no fear. You can still check out some of the best moments from the day. Duke’s estate has some great photos and videos saved. So, just head over to Duke’s official Instagram. Once you’re there, you’ll see the “Highlights” section right under the account’s bio. The first bubble labeled “John Wayne Day” has everything you need.

It starts off with some announcements. However, at this point, it’s just showing us what we missed. A few more taps will get you to the good stuff. You can see some photos of the crowd as well as a few video clips from the event. For instance, there’s a clip from Anita Swift’s book reading. She’s reading the book “America, Why I Love Her” to a group of little ones. Probably one of the coolest things from the event was the fact that visitors could see Duke’s Oscar. It was on display in a glass case. Unfortunately, there was no footage of the western gunfight. Nor was there any of the live music. However, it’s still totally worth checking out.  by Clayton Edwards



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