(15)The Greatest Dramas of the 1960s



15.The Untouchables

Robert Stack, Jerry Paris

Premiered: 1959

The Untouchables is an American drama that ran from 1959 to 1963 on the ABC Television Network, produced by Desilu Productions. Based on the memoir of the same name by Eliot Ness and Oscar..

14.The Avengers

Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg

Premiered: 1961

The Avengers is a spy-fi British television series created in the 1960s. The Avengers initially focused on Dr. David Keel and his assistant John Steed. Hendry left after the first series and Steed..

13.Marcus Welby, M.D.

Robert Young, James Brolin

Premiered: 1969

Marcus Welby, M.D. was an American medical drama television program that aired on ABC from September 23, 1969 to July 29, 1976. It starred Robert Young as a family practitioner with a kind,..


Clint Eastwood, John Ireland

Premiered: 1959

Rawhide is an American Western TV series starring Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood that aired for eight seasons on the CBS network on Friday nights, from January 9, 1959 to September 3, 1965,

11.The Rifleman

Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford

Premiered: 1958

The Rifleman is an American Western television program starring Chuck Connors as rancher Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his son, Mark McCain. It was set in the 1870s and 1880s in the town..


June Lockhart, Andy Clyde

Premiered: 1954

Lassie is an American television series that follows the adventures of a female Rough Collie dog named Lassie and her companions, both human and animal. The show was the creation of producer..


Bruce Lee, Raymond Burr

Premiered: 1967

Ironside is a Universal television series that ran on NBC from September 14, 1967, to January 16, 1975. The show starred Raymond Burr as a paraplegic Chief of Detectives, Robert T. Ironside. The…

8.The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Robert Vaughn, David McCallum

Premiered: 1964

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is an American television series broadcast on NBC from September 22, 1964, to January 15, 1968. It follows secret agents, played by Robert Vaughn and David McCallum, who..


Jack Webb, Harry Morgan

Premiered: 1952

Dragnet is an American radio, television and motion picture series, enacting the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners. The show takes its name from..


Lorne Greene, Michael Landon

Premiered: 1959

Bonanza is an NBC television western series that ran from September 12, 1959, to January 16, 1973. Lasting 14 seasons and 430 episodes, it ranks as the second longest running western series, and…


Peter Falk, Mike Lally

Premiered: 1968

Columbo is an American television series starring Peter Falk as a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. The character and show, created by William Link and Richard Levinson, popularized…

4.Perry Mason

Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale

Premiered: 1957

Perry Mason is an American legal drama series originally broadcast on CBS television from September 21, 1957, to May 22, 1966. The title character, portrayed by Raymond Burr, is a fictional Los…

3.Mission: Impossible

Peter Graves, Barbara Bain

Premiered: 1966

Mission: Impossible is an American television series that was created and initially produced by Bruce Geller. It chronicles the missions of a team of secret government agents known as the Impossible…

2.Hawaii Five-O

Jack Lord, James MacArthur

Premiered: 1968

Hawaii Five-O is an American police procedural drama series produced by CBS Productions and Leonard Freeman. Set in Hawaii, the show originally aired for 12 seasons from 1968 to 1980, and..

1.The Fugitive

William Conrad, Richard Anderson

Premiered: 1963

This film is an American drama series created by Roy Huggins and produced by QM Productions and United Artists Television that aired on ABC from 1963 to 1967. David Janssen stars as Richard Kimble..

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