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Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot

Released: 1968

Directed by: Edward Dmytryk

Shalako is a 1968 Western film directed by American Edward Dmytryk, starring Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot. The British production was filmed in Almería, Spain. The cast also includes..

19.Two Weeks in September

Brigitte Bardot, Murray Head

Released: 1967

Directed by: Serge Bourguignon

Two Weeks in September is a 1967 French film starring Brigitte Bardot directed by Serge..

Love Is My Profession

Brigitte Bardot, Jean Gabin

Released: 1958

Directed by: Claude Autant-Lara

In Case of Adversity is a 1958 French film directed by Claude Autant-Lara, screenplay by Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost, after a novel by Georges Simenon…

17.Caroline and the Rebels

Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Claude Pascal

Released: 1955

Directed by: Jean Devaivre

Caroline and the Rebels is a 1955 film directed by Jean-Devaivre..

16.The Light Across the Street

Brigitte Bardot, Daniel Ceccaldi

Released: 1955

Directed by: Georges Lacombe

The Light Across the Street is a 1956 French drama film starring Brigitte Bardot directed by..

15.Helen of Troy

Brigitte Bardot, Stanley Baker

Released: 1956

Directed by: Robert Wise

Helen of Troy is a 1956 Warner Bros. epic film, based on Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey. It was directed by Robert Wise, from a screenplay by Hugh Gray and John Twist, adapted by Hugh..

14.Une Ravissante Idiote

Brigitte Bardot, Anthony Perkins

Released: 1964

Directed by: Édouard Molinaro

Une ravissante idiote is a 1964 Cold War comedy directed by Édouard Molinaro. François Billetdoux and André Tabet wrote a screenplay based on Charles Exbrayat 1962 novel of the..

13.The Bear and the Doll

Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Pierre Cassel

Released: 1971

Directed by: Michel Deville

The Bear and the Doll is a French film starring Brigitte Bardot…

12.Please, Not Now!

Brigitte Bardot, Claude Brasseur

Released: 1961

Directed by: Roger Vadim

Please, Not Now! original French title La Bride sur le cou, is a French comedy film released in 1961, directed by Roger Vadim and starring his former wife, Brigitte Bardot..

11.Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a Woman

Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin

Released: 1973

Directed by: Roger Vadim

Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a Woman is a 1973 French-Italian drama film by Roger Vadim. It sees Vadim reunite with his leading lady and ex-wife Brigitte Bardot for their fifth film together.

10.Spirits of the Dead

Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardot

Released: 1968

Directed by: Louis Malle, Federico Fellini, Roger Vadim

Histoires extraordinaires, dubbed Spirits of the Dead for English and Tre Passi Nel Delirio for Italian, is an “omnibus” film comprising three segments. In the UK the film was released as Tales..

9.Les Femmes

Brigitte Bardot, Anny Duperey

Released: 1969

Directed by: Jean Aurel

Les Femmes is a 1969 French comedy-drama film starring Brigitte Bardot. It recorded..

8.Plucking the Daisy

Brigitte Bardot, Darry Cowl

Released: 1956

Directed by: Marc Allégret

Plucking the Daisy is a film directed by Marc Allégret released on October 5, 1956…

School for Love

Brigitte Bardot, Jean Marais

Directed by: Marc Allégret

School for Love is a French drama film from 1955, directed by Marc Allégret, written by Marc Allégret, starring Brigitte Bardot and Jean Marais. The scenario was based on a novel of Vicki…

6.Viva Maria!

Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau

Released: 1965

Directed by: Louis Malle

Viva Maria! is a 1965 comedy-adventure film starring Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau as two women named Maria who meet and become revolutionaries in the early 20th century. It also..

5.The Legend of Frenchie King

Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Cardinale

Released: 1971

Directed by: Christian-Jaque, Guy Casaril

The Legend of Frenchie King is a 1971 French western comedy film directed by Christian-Jaque…


Brigitte Bardot, Jack Palance

Released: 1963

Directed by: Jean-Luc Godard

Contempt is a 1963 film directed by Jean-Luc Godard, based on the Italian novel A Ghost at..

3.And God Created Woman

Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Louis Trintignant

Released: 1956

Directed by: Roger Vadim

And God Created Woman is a French drama film directed by Roger Vadim and starring Brigitte Bardot. Though not her first film, it is widely recognized as the vehicle that launched Bardot into..

2.The Truth

Brigitte Bardot, Jacques Perrin

Released: 1960

Directed by: Henri-Georges Clouzot

The Truth is a 1960 French film directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot and starring Brigitte Bardot. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

1.The Night Heaven Fell

Brigitte Bardot, Alida Valli

Released: 1958

Directed by: Roger Vadim

The Night Heaven Fell is a 1958 French-Italian film directed by Roger Vadim. Vadim had already acquired international fame with his daring debut And God Created Woman. Like its..

 Biography Brigitte Bardot (1934–)

Brigitte Bardot is a French model and actress who graced the cover of Elle magazine as a teen and went on to star in several films before being featured in 1956’s And God Created Woman, which launched her to international fame. She appeared in dozens of films over her career, including Contempt and Viva Maria!,and retired from acting in the 1970s. She has subsequently devoted her life to animal activism.

Early Life and Films

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot was born on September 28, 1934, in Paris, France. She studied ballet as a teenager at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance and appeared on the cover of France’s Elle magazine at the age of 15. She was discovered by screenwriter and future filmmaker Roger Vadim, and the two wed in 1952. Bardot made her big-screen debut that year as well, in Le Trou Normand. Various roles followed, including as a romantic leading lady in La Lumiere d’en Face (1954) and a handmaiden in Helen of Troy (1955).

International Sex Symbol

Bardot would be widely seen in Vadim’s directorial debut, And God Created Woman (1956), in which Bardot played a sexually liberated young woman in the southern French town of St. Tropez. The film was noted for its daring nudity and sensual dynamics, proving popular to moviegoers and launching Bardot to international stardom. Through her films and off-screen photos taken by the paparazzi, Bardot became renowned for displaying a naturalistic, free-flowing sensuality that spoke to the concept of joie de vivre, becoming Europe’s top actress.

Bardot and Vadim divorced in 1957, but maintained a professional relationship, as he directed her 1958 film The Night Heaven Fell. Bardot was featured in other projects like The Parisienne (1958), La Femme et le Pantin (1959) and Come Dance With Me (1959). During the making of the 1960 film La Verité, however, Bardot attempted suicide on her 26th birthday. Decades later, the actress would talk about how nightmarish the world of celebrity had become and the pressures inherent in constantly aiming to display a certain image.In the late 1950s, Bardot married actor Jacques Charrier, by whom she had a son, her only child. The couple divorced in 1962. Bardot then married Germany millionaire playboy Gunter Sachs in 1966, divorcing three years later. Years later, in 1992, she wed extreme right-wing political aide Bernard d’Ormale.

Recording Career

During the 1960s, Bardot embarked on a career as a musical artist as well, releasing albums like Brigitte Bardot Sings (1960) and Special Bardot (1968). She also recorded hits with French vocalist/songwriter/lounge-man Serge Gainsbourg.


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