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Biography and 15 great movies 60,70s..Clint Walker




15.Yellowstone Kelly 1959

In 1870s, in the Sioux territory south of the Missouri, trapper and Indian scout Luther Yellowstone Kelly is hired by the army at Fort Buford but runs into trouble with the Sioux.


Gordon Douglas

 Burt Kennedy (screenplay), Heck Allen (from the book by) (as Clay Fisher)


Clint Walker, Edd Byrnes, John Russell..

14.The Night of the Grizzly


The Night of the Grizzly is a 1966 western–adventure film starring Clint Walker, Martha Hyer, Keenan Wynn, Jack Elam and Nancy Kulp. Directed by Joseph Pevney and written by Warren Douglas, the film was released by Paramount Pictures on April 20, 1966. It was Pevney’s final film.

The film’s plot centers around Marshall “Big Jim” Cole (Clint Walker), who inherits land in Wyoming and trades his dangerous lawman’s life for the life of a rancher. But he barely gets his family settled when new dangers plague them – a treacherous grizzly bear is on a murderous rampage; angry neighbors covet Cole’s property, and an outlaw he once sent to prison seeks revenge.

The film contains beautiful scenery from Holcomb Valley, Big Bear Lake, California, United States and Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino National Forest.

13.Fort Dobbs

Fort Dobbs is a 1958 western, the first of three directed by Gordon Douglas to star Clint Walker. The other two were: Yellowstone Kelly in 1959 and Gold of the Seven Saints in 1961.

Based on a screenplay by George W. George and Burt Kennedy, with black-and-white photography provided by William H. Clothier, this 93-minute movie was released by Warner Brothers and was intended to capitalize on Walker’s success in the Cheyenne TV series. Box office results, however, tended to be modest, thus reinforcing the notion that audiences were not likely to pay for at the theater what they could see at home for free.

12.The Dirty Dozen 1967


During World War II, a rebellious U.S. Army Major is assigned a dozen convicted murderers to train and lead them into a mass assassination mission of German officers.


Robert Aldrich


Nunnally Johnson (screenplay), Lukas Heller (screenplay)


Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Clint walker…

11.More Dead Than Alive 1969 

Released from prison after 18 years, notorious gunslinger ‘Killer’ Cain is a peaceful reformed man but the Old West has died and he cannot adapt to the modern West where some unpaid moral debts and old troubles resurface.


Robert Sparr


George Schenck


Clint Walker, Vincent Price, Anne Francis

10.Yuma (1971) tv.m


Ted Post


Charles A. Wallace (as Charles Wallace)


Clint Walker, Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays

9.None but the Brave

None but the Brave, also known as Yūsha nomi (勇者のみNone but the brave men) in Japan, is a 1965 war film with Frank Sinatra, Clint Walker, Tatsuya Mihashi, Tommy Sands and Brad Dexter. This is the only film directed by Frank Sinatra, and the first Japanese-American co-production.

8.Sam Whiskey

Sam Whiskey is a 1969 American DeLuxe Color comedy-western film directed by Arnold Laven and starring Burt Reynolds, Angie Dickinson, Clint Walker and Ossie Davis.

“Way ahead of its time,” said Reynolds of the film. “I was playing light comedy and nobody cared.

7.Baker’s Hawk

Baker’s Hawk is a 1976 American western adventure film directed by Lyman D. Dayton and starring Clint Walker, Burl Ives, Diane Baker, Lee H. Montgomery and Alan Young. It is based on the 1974 novel of the same name by Jack Bickham.

During the summer of 1876, 12 year old Billy Baker finds an injured baby hawk and subsequently befriends an old hermit in hopes that he can heal the injured bird. Because the old man shares his remote mountain homestead with various sick or injured animals in need of attention, many of the townspeople have labelled him as “crazy”. When the townspeople start assuming that he and certain other newcomers are a threat to the safety of the community, they begin an effort to oust these tramps.

6.Maya. 1966

Maya is a 1966 American drama in Metrocolor and Panavision, the coming of age story of a young man in the jungles of India. It was directed by John Berry and starred Clint Walker, Jay North, and Sajid Khan.


5.The White Buffalo

At the closing of 1874 a haunted, dying Wild Bill Hickok teams up with a grieving Crazy Horse to hunt a murderous albino buffalo.


J. Lee Thompson


Richard Sale (screenplay), Richard Sale (from his novel “The White Buffalo”)


Charles Bronson, Jack Warden, Will Sampson,clint Walker..

4.Gold, Glory and Custer .1964

everal episodes of the TV series “Cheyenne” strung together and released as a feature.


George Waggner


Gerald Drayson Adams


Clint Walker, Julie Adams..

3.The Great Bank Robbery


The Great Bank Robbery is a 1969 Western comedy film from Warner Bros. directed by Hy Averback and written by William Peter Blatty, based on the novel by Frank O’Rourke. The movie had a soundtrack with songs by Jimmy Van Heusen.


2.Gold of the Seven Saints .

In Seven Saints, Utah, McCracken’s outlaw gang is vying for fur trappers Jim Rainbolt and Shaun Garrett’s gold nugget fortune that also catches the eye of Mexican bandit Gondora and his caballeros.


Gordon Douglas


Leigh Brackett (screenplay by), Leonard Freeman


Clint Walker, Roger Moore, Letícia Román

1.Send Me No Flowers

Send Me No Flowers is a 1964 American comedy film directed by Norman Jewison and starring Rock Hudson, Doris Day, and Tony Randall. After Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back, it is the third and final film in which Hudson, Day and Randall starred together.

The screenplay by Julius J. Epstein is based on the play by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore, which had a brief run on Broadway in 1960. The title tune was written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach..


Clint’s biography

Clint Walker (1927-2018) was a popular movie and television actor from the 1950s to the 1970s, probably best remembered for starring in the TV show Cheyenne. Many of his fans have wondered if the handsome Clint Walker was married. In fact, Clint Walker was married three times.

Clint Walker’s Wives

Clint Walker’s first wife was Verna Garver, who he married in 1948, before his acting career began, and divorced in 1968. Clint and Verna had one child together, Valerie.

While the couple was living in Las Vegas (where Walker was a deputy sheriff providing security at the Sands Hotel) several actors, including Van Johnson, apparently suggested to Walker that he should try acting.

In 1974, he married Giselle Hennessey, who died of cancer in 1994.

He then married Susan Cavallari in 1997. They were married until his death in 2018 at the age of 90.

Clint Walker’s three marriages can attest to the fact that he was always popular among the ladies for his tall frame (he was 6 feet 6 inches) and sculpted physique.

Clint Walker’s Life

Here are a few interesting things that happened in Walker’s life:

  • Many people are not aware of the fact that Clint Walker was a twin. He and his twin sister Lucy were born on May 30, 1927 in Hartford, Illinois.
  • Cecil B. DeMille was said to have taken a liking to Clint shortly after he arrived in Hollywood and offered him a part in his latest film, The Ten Commandments.
  • Clint Walker got his big break playing Cheyenne Bodie in the TV show Cheyenne. It was TV’s first hour-long Western.
  • He would go on to star in several big movies, including The Night of the Grizzly, The Great Bank Robbery, and The Dirty Dozen, a popular World War II-based action film featuring Telly Savalas and a number of other popular actors from that era.
  • Clint was a very good singer and recorded an album of songs and ballads for Warner Bros.
  • Clint Walker’s real name was Norman Eugene Walker, but “Clint” became his nickname and de facto stage name.
  • In 1971, he was in a freak skiing accident at Mammoth Mountain, California, where the tip of a ski pole pierced his heart. He made a full and speedy recovery and was back at work filming just a couple of months later.

You can find more information about the actor on Clint Walker’s fan site, which Walker ran himself with the help of his third wife, Susan.


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