Coming 2 America recently moved from Paramount Pictures to Amazon, and this vital change could save the film


The long-awaited comedy sequel Coming 2 America recently moved from Paramount Pictures to Amazon, and this vital change could save the film’s prospects. Released in 1988, Coming to America was one of Eddie Murphy’s earliest uber-successful star vehicles. The actor had already impressed with starring roles in Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop, but this unconventional rom-com was one of the first instances of the star carrying an internationally successful blockbuster on his shoulders without big-budget action sequences or big-name co-stars.

The story of Prince Akeem, a spoiled African royal who comes to America in search of a bride, was a simple but effective set up for a string of outrageous gags, broad slapstick, and some ingenious interplay between Murphy and co-star Arsenio Hall. Murphy may have clashed with director John Landis of Animal House fame onset, but the film was a massive success with critics and audiences and the pair later buried the hatchet with both admitting the movie was one of the best efforts of their respective careers. Now, with the sequel, there’s a chance to see the old cast return and new characters for Coming 2 America brought in to shake things up, but what matters is that the original spirit is preserved.

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