Conchata Ferrell Biography / 28 .03. 1943 – 12.10. 2020. 


28 .03. 1943 – 12.10. 2020.

Conchata Ferrell is an American actor. She is best known for playing a range of supporting characters in films and TV productions. Though she has worked in many films, Conchata’s career milestone has been the sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men.’ She began her career through stage, eventually making a transition to films and TV. Conchata made her mark through her initial stage productions. Her body of work speaks volumes of her talent. Her long and distinguished career consists of a sizable number of supporting roles. She has been part of the regular cast of five TV series, but ‘Two and a Half Men’ stands out among them. Her role in the sitcom not only helped Conchata break the monotony of being cast in supporting roles but also earned her a number of prestigious nominations.

It is commendable that Conchata, despite not having the usual starlet-type appearance, made her mark as a talented actor and has now established herself in the industry. Her witty characters, paired with her chubby appearance, have made her one of the most popular actors in the industry. Conchata is married and has a daughter. She is also a stepmother to two children from her husband’s previous relationship.


Conchata is married to Arnie Anderson since 1986. She has a daughter named Samantha (born in 1982) and two stepdaughters from her husband’s previous relationship. Conchata enjoys playing role-playing video games.
Since Conchata has a chubby appearance, her weight loss once earned her a lot of media attention. She has Type-2 diabetes. Thus, everything in her pantry and refrigerator is sugar-free
She was a wonderful person, to be remembered with joy .
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