Top-15 actors 1960 – 1970 (Money earnings)


Who made the most money from actors from 1960 to 1970?

Who were the Top Movie Stars of the 1960s statistically?  This page will attempt to answer that question.  Our main source of information was our Ultimate Movie Ranking (UMR) pages that covered movie stars that made movies in the 1960s. So far we have box office grosses on 1,644 movies made between 1960 and 1969.  Granted this is far from all the movies made during that time frame….but it does cover most of the major movie releases in that decade.


We have included four lists of information.  List one looks at the Top 15 stars by adjusted domestic box office (the Top Star might surprise you).  List two looks at the Top 15 stars by highest average rating per movie according to critics and audiences.   List three looks at the Top 15 Stars by highest average UMR score per movie.  List four shows our entire table of all the stars we looked at while complying these lists.

TOP 15

  1. John Wayne $3181.6 million in adjusted domestic gross
  2. Julie Andrews $2,973.40 million
  3. Paul Newman $2,788.10
  4. Sean Connery $2664.80
  5. Richard Burton $2,656.20
  6. Omar Sharif $2,442.10
  7. Dean Martin $2,212.00
  8. Tony Curtis $2,071.00
  9. Jack Lemmon $2044.40
  10. Rod Steiger $1,994.20
  11. Henry Fonda $1992.00
  12. Rod Taylor $1,921.00 million
  13. Alec Guinness $1,901.50 million
  14. Doris Day $1,893.20 million
  15. Natalie Wood $1,888.90 million


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