John Wayne and his family WOMEN AND CHILDREN


john Wayne lived as best as possible, and on his birthday, we remember him through his legacy, the women he loved, and his seven children.

Born Marion Michael Morrison and nicknamed “The Duke,” John Wayne was known to be a man who won the hearts of millions with his acting prowess. Unfortunately, those who worked with and knew him personally have a different story to tell.

Even though he did his best to be a good husband to the society girl who came from Pasadena, all his efforts came to naught when he met the German actress and singer, Marlene Dietrich.

Josephine soon got tired of sharing her man with another woman, so she beckoned on her priest to have a conversation with her husband. John reportedly agreed to quit the affair only if his wife stopped bringing up the name of his mistress.

However, as soon as the priest left their home, Josephine resumed her rant about Marlene and the affair. It was at that point that the late actor knew that his marriage was over – he was married to Esperanza “Chata” Baur Diaz Ceballos by the next year.

ohn’s marriage to Esperanza seemed to be a spur-of-the-moment event that his close friends tried to talk him out of.

The actor soon found out how right his friends were when the Spanish beauty when she became an alcoholic, and they got engaged in numerous arguments.

He divorced her in 1954, and he married his third wife, Pilar Pallete, who was an actress from Peru, in the same year.

The actor welcomed seven children from all these women, first of whom is Michael Wayne, who died in 2003. While he was alive, Michael was the former president and chairman of the John Wayne Foundation board.

Wide Open Country divulged that the actor’s next child was his first daughter, Mary Antonia “Toni” Wayne LaCava who died in 2000.

Mary was an actress who spent most of her life as a wife to Donald La Cava and the mother to their eight children – Anita, Mark, Kevin, Christopher, Brigid, Brendan Peter, and David.

John’s next child is Patrick John Morrison, who built a slightly successful acting career for himself when he appeared in several movies such as “Mister Roberts” and “The Searchers.” 

Even though the King of Westerns’ fourth child and second daughter, Melinda Wayne Munoz, made several appearances in her father’s films as a child, she didn’t become a film star.

John’s other children include Aissa Wayne (who became an attorney), John Ethan Wayne (who followed his father’s steps by becoming an actor), and Marisa Wayne (who opted to enjoy being a wife and mother).

John ensured that his family was taken care of when he left an estate worth $6.85 million for them. Unfortunately, there seemed to be nothing for his third wife, Pilar, according to a will that The New York Times CL was filed by the actor’s lawyer, John S. Warren.

Warren, however, pointed out that the “True Grit” star had taken care of Pilar in their separation agreement. It would be recalled that Wayne died in June 1979 following a brief battle with stomach cancer, which started in the same year.

ACCORDING to his website, the “Stagecoach” actor was posthumously honored with the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



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